We are the best choice for directing the 2% of your tax or 20% of your company tax.

The amounts raised from donations and sponsorships are used to purchase materials needed to differences in completion of construction, equipment and furnishing of the elderly Orchard Center, continue ongoing project to completion. We are a foundation with over 14 years experience in the social field and follow the development of the social services for the elderly in need.

Did you have a low income last year? And it seems that 2% is too little? For us every contribution counts, distressed elderly will have a chance for a decent old age, and you'll have the satisfaction that at least some of your taxes are managed by the State as you wish.

Want to do more for our grandparents? Print the form and then give it to family, friends, colleagues or your employees!

Form 230 and other information about 2%


All about Targeting / sponsorship with 20% of the taxable base of your company


Materials needed to complete the works at the Center for Elderly ,,Livada"



See what MATERIALS We need to complete the work AT THE ,, LIVADA'' Center



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About us

CAUPS Foundation Mission is to support people in need (elderly, women, children), promoting sustainable social and economic development, improving quality of life of individual and collective protection and conservation of natural habitat. We aim to cover the provision of social services segment; now a key player in North-West region of Romania. more ...



Address: 203 Livada Village, Petrestii de Jos Commune, CLUJ county, ROMANIA
Telephone: +4 0372 968269
E-mail: contact@caups.ro