" LIVADA Center"

LIVADA CENTER elderly care central building will comprise ground floor and attic, bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, medical, kitchen, storage room, dining room, waiting room, recreation hall.

If you stay in power to do something good for the people around you who are in social need, get involved financially with work, building materials or other goods that you can miss and make sure that these people you will remain grateful.

"Helping others help your business!"

If you are a socially responsible person or company and you want to support projects CAUPS foundation, we expect the friendship to communicate on the phone, by e-mail or in person.



“E mai usor sa fii generos decat sa regreti ca nu ai fost.”

Center for Humanitarian Asisstance and Social Protection EQUAL CHANCE Foundation


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On the site you can find complete and updated information on projects and activities CAUPS Equal Chances Foundation (Center for Humanitarian Assistance and Social Protection Equal Chances) in which mention elderly Livada Center Cluj, list of sponsors and donors that make possible the establishment of the Livada, information about 2% , sponsorship information, more photos of Foundation projects and activities present in the media, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and other useful information.

Ways to support Livada Center Cluj can result in the following forms:

• Targeting 2% by CAUPS Foundation;
• Volunteering;
• Involvement financial support options are detailed below;


Livada Center is located in a green landscape, quiet and pollution free, just 5 km.de Turda Gorges, 17 km from Turda and 30 km from Cluj-Napoca. Elderly care central building will consist of basement, ground floor, first floor and attic which included: bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, medical, kitchen, storage room, dining room, waiting room, recreation hall, laundry all with an area of 1380 sqm.

Residents will be admitted on the basis of socio-psycho-geriatric files examined by the social assessment of social workers at CAUPS. Livada Centre The center serves residential and resource center for elderly care services in their homes.

Specific activity center:

Flower, vegetable, fruit, knitting, macrame, sculpture, painting, spiritual meditation, family counseling, child care in difficulty, cultural evenings local and international trips to historic sites, monasteries, churches, spas, activities in according to identified needs.

Services offered: Residential (Services will meet the entire range of physical, personal, social, spiritual and intellectual thereof), social counseling, psychological counseling, legal and tax advice; Ground (4 meals / day / with diet); Accommodation , free healthcare and transport medical consultations, shopping, prayer chapel, library.

Services offered: Type Home Care (Services will meet the entire range of physical, personal, social, spiritual and intellectual their home), social counseling, psychological counseling, legal and tax advice, cooking lunch, free medical care and transport; medical consultation, purchase, repair the security and comfort of the home.

Answers to questions posed by residents or caregivers.
Any other questions you did not find here will answer.

1. Ditch toilets fitted with bars help?
All toilets are fitted with anti-slip mats, bar handles and helpful.

2. Can I rearrange my room after my preferences?
Yes, you can bring some furniture or decorations. Administrator home refurbishing will help.

3. Common activities are required?
Common activities are agreed with residents Centre. We respect each person's personal decision.

4. Can leave home for a night or more?
You are free to leave the hostel when you want, and the departures of more than three, four hours will be announced administrator fireplace.

5. How can I have visitors?
You can receive visitors at any reasonable time in your room, living room or garden. You can dine together and stay and overnight fee at different locations in the village.

6. You can send and receive mail?
You will be supported for sending mail and receive mail at the new address, you can access e-mail and you will receive support in its use.

7. There is a place of prayer?
There are Orthodox Chapel in the Livada Centre and the Catholic Church in the village.

8. Consumption of alcohol is permitted?
No alcoholic beverages are served at the Centre but there are some exceptions such as dinners or special occasions.

9. There are nearby store?
Yes. It is located near a grocery store.

10. We provide parking for residents and visitors cars?
There is parking space.

Basic package. For starters all our residents will benefit from the package will be treated as a special needs individual.

• bed in room 1, 2 or 3 people;
• Daily cleaning rooms and bathrooms;
• linen changed weekly;
• towels changed and washed weekly or as needed;
• clothes washed when needed / weekly;
• Overall supervision 24 hours a day;
• Aid to the bathroom when needed;
• mobility aid when needed;

• 4 meals a day;
• serving tea at 5 o'clock in the garden or on the terrace when weather permits;
• Catering Bed in special situations;

• enrolling family doctor;
• Monthly visit to the family doctor;
• purchase of compensated and free drugs prescribed by your GP and other fee;
• Frame medical environment 8 hours daily;
• medical specialist twice a month;
• movement provided the physician to specialist indication;
• Paid dental treatments, travel provided;
• specialized surveillance following daily treatments and Drug Administration;
• monitoring rooms required;
• medical practice;

• access to the phone;
• access to TV. in lounge or room;
• access to library, games and socialization activities;
• access to the garden or on the terrace;
• ensuring correspondence;
• Help family contact;
• give access to Chapel prayer;
• quarterly trip in landscape or group in Cluj or sightseeing;
• access to the garden;
• festive meal for Christmas, Easter, New Year;
• birthday celebration;
• possibility of family accommodation fee if announced visits;
• family announcement if unforeseen events;




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